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Do you ship to all countries?

  • Yes we offer Worldwide Shipping!


How long does shipping take?

  • Secured and Insured Shipping takes about 1-4 weeks.
  • On average it takes 10-15 days for USA, France, span, and Canada


What if I want to receive my orders earlier?

  • Please contact us and we can arrange Expedited Shipping.


What if I want to receive my orders earlier purchase in bulk?

  • For bulk order, please send us an email. 


When do you ship the orders from your fulfillment center?

  • All of our products are made to order. Once you place an order, we wait 24 hours and then we start making your customize orders. We took 3 to 5 days to make the products and make sure you like the finished products. So in short, we shipped the products on average 3 to 5 days later after you complete the payment. 


Where is my order being shipped from? Where is your fulfillment center located?

  • We are an international company and we have multiple warehouses worldwide but our main fulfillment centers are at UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Some Other Areas of Europe (fluctuation due to overwhelming demand).


I ordered 2 items but only received 1 item... Where is the rest of my order?

  • If you ordered multiple/different products from our store, you may receive more than 1 shipping package. (this is done for more efficiency and faster shipping times since we have multiple warehouses worldwide)
  • If you ordered many of the same products, then you will usually receive it all in 1 package.


Why does the shipping status show that the shipping status is ‘currently unavailable’?

  • Once the parcel is shipped, it usually takes another 3-5 days for the tracking status to show up correctly on the tracking number.
  • We don’t know why there is a lag time between USPS updating it but we assure you that the items are on the way. We recommend to check back in a few days.


I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.

  • Every order is automatically sent a confirmation email. Please check your spam or junk folder.
  • If still missing, just contact us and we'll send you a brand new email confirmation.


Missing Package: Tracking says delivered but didn't receive it yet.

  • If it’s our fault we will refund you or send you a new item.
  • If it’s the buyer’s fault, buyer will be responsible for the claim
  • If we've confirmed with the post office and shipping carrier that the item has been delivered with a specific date, time and location. We are not responsible for missing claims.
  • If the missing package is due to packaging thieves, we'll be happy to ship you the same order again for 30% off the price tag you bought
  • If our shipping carrier or post office cannot confirm the item was delivered. We'll usually just send you the item again.
  • Please contact us for more details so we can find out the best solution for you.


Tracking says delivered to a wrong address

  • We deliver to the exact address that was given to us, normally this doesn't happen because 99.99% of our products are updated with the correct tracking number
  • It may be that the system had updated the wrong tracking number into the system. For that case, we’ll send you the correct tracking number so you can check the current status of your correct tracking.


How secure is my personal information?

  • GetEngravings uses industry standard privacy protection. We don't sell, lease, or distribute any personal customer information.
  • Your sensitive personal information will be kept securely with us offline.



Please understand, all of our products are made to order. It means once you place an order and provide your info, we start making your products. So you need to make any changes, please confirm us within 24 hours. Once we start working, we will not be able to change the order. If we need to change the order twice, we will need to charge you to manage the cost of goods. 



  1. Buyer no longer wants the items - this is the most common example which we cannot honor if we want to continue offering great value at Fav Name Necklace. The buyer should make sure he or she wants to buy the items before submitting an order, not after.
  2. Buyer found items cheaper somewhere else - Buyer should be confident that he or she is ready to pay the asking prices before submitting an order.
    After an order is submitted, the buyer enters into a legally binding contract with the seller to purchase all items in that order.