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How to Choose a Necklace for a Men

Some people, especially men, think necklaces are rude. Men's necklaces, especially longer ones, might be hard to wear, but men can wear them with confidence in a public or at meetings if they know how.

Necklaces for men shouldn't take over an outfit. You don't have to wear big pendants and gems to work if you wear these chains. Men dress in suits and other clothes every day. How about a chain? What sizes do fit these clothes for men?

Before we talk about suits and casual shirts, here's a guide to how long men's necklaces should be.

Necklaces that don't hang down too far

The short necklace is between 16 and 18 inches long, and the bottom of the pendant rests on the collarbone. This length of the necklace can be worn with almost anything, making it very versatile. V-neck shirts and button-up shirts with open collars will show them off for everyone to see.

This length may be too short or tight for women with bigger bodies. This style looks best on people with a smaller neck and/or a smaller frame.

Pendants with a Standard Size

The average size is between 20 and 24 inches. This is what most guys wear and what fits them best. They are found above the breastbone and below the neck. This length of the necklace can be worn in many different ways, like peeking out from under a shirt or going through an open collar. This length is ideal for those who like a little more breathing space but find the shorter style to be a little too constricting in the waist. Putting a bigger pendant or tag on a necklace that is at least 22 "long might make you feel better.

Long Necklaces

Long-length necklaces are those that are at least 26 inches long. Depending on how tall a person is, these necklaces usually hang in the middle or just above the sternum. People usually wear longer necklaces over their shirts. If you wear a necklace this long, the chain is more likely to break or get caught on something, so be careful. Pendants are a great way to add a little something to your outfit. When worn over a shirt, it will be easy to see and help keep the chain steady. Keep in mind that this length of chain is more likely to break if it gets caught on something.

A man with necklaces of different lengths

A man wears necklaces of different lengths around his neck. In this case, the chain is 3mm wide. 5'9" tall, 40" bust. I wear a medium in shirts and a 40 in coats. Tap to open in a new tab.

What length does my necklace have?

Chain Size For Picture Necklace For Men

There are different ways to figure out the right length for a necklace. You can start by taking the length of a necklace you already own. Just lay it flat on a table as straight as you can, and use a ruler to figure out how long it is. When you go shopping for a new necklace, you might buy the same size or go up or down about an inch, depending on the style and length you want. You could also measure the size of your neck with a soft tape measure.

If you aren't sure how long you want your necklace to be, measure the circumference of your neck and add two to four inches. That would be a good place to start figuring out how big a necklace is.

You can figure out the right measurements with the help of these examples.

Necks that are 13 to 14.5 inches around can wear necklaces that are as short as 18 inches (46cm) (33-36.8cm). We suggest a 20-inch necklace for a 15-16.5-inch (38-41.9cm) neck. If your neck is 17-18.5 inches around, the smallest necklace you should wear is 22 inches (43.2-47 cm). It might be a good idea to add one or two inches to the length of your necklace "when you add a pendant. At least 2mm should be the width of your necklace.